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Never judge a Rottweiler Puppy SOLELY BY THEIR PUPPY PIC!!!
I have put together this page to show the many MYTHS about Rottweiler puppies!

ALSO--I have found over the years of breeding that sometimes there is a litter of puppies that are NOT SO PRETTY---Parents are gorgeous and so are the dogs in the pedigree but they pups carry more of a "mousy" look....
DONT BE AFRAID! Do your homework and place your faith in the pedigree!

A few things to remember when picking out a puppy:

1. Don't lose sight of the parents and their pedigrees!!

You need to look at the parents features and their parents & grandparents. There are a lot of stud dogs and females out there that look awesome but when you research their first 5 generations THEY are the only NICE dog in the pedigree.
Your chances of getting something that looks just like mom or dad decreases quite a bit. So ask your breeder about the pedigree and if there are pictures of any of the parents and grandparents!!

2. Never judge solely on head peice

This is a biggy! So many puppy people get caught up in the cute lil teddy bear heads! If you pay attention MOST of the poorly bred American rottweilers start off as cute teddy bear pups. People get fooled into thinking they are going to have massive heads and short muzzles. Remember---when in doubt---LOOK AT THE PEDIGREE!!!!

3. Never judge on size alone--and that includes PAW size!

There are many factors that playt into the size of a puppy. I have had pups go home at 6 pounds and also some go home at 18 pounds. The smallest puppy I ever had leave at 8 wks grew to be 100lbs at 2 years old. I couldnt even believe it myself. Ive also had HUGE puppies go home to be more of a Medium size at adulthood.
Some causes of size differences can be from genetics, size of the litter, & if the pups had any kind of coccidia or giardia that might have slowed them down. This is something your breeder should be able to help you with.

4. Don't pick the FIRST puppy that runs to you!

This does not mean the puppy PICKED you...this usually means the puppy is much more active and social at that moment.....his/her brother might have just had a round of playing and is passed out. So you wouldnt want to get a puppy that does not match your lifestyle. Ask your breeder about their personalities and if any breeder just lets you pick whatever puppy you want without explaining the differences or at least asking YOU about YOUR lifestye then you are dealing with the WRONG Rottweiler Breeder.

BEFORE (as a pup) & AFTER (as they grew) PICS
Here are some BEFORE & AFTER PICS for you to see the "MOUSY" Puppy and the pup when it got older--
Some of these pups are mine and some are other breeders.




This is LIBBY--she was a mousy puppy and grew really funky the first few year of her life. Her ear was funky and I was convinced she was never going to turn out. BUT SHE DID! ----->>>

Now Libby is one of my favorite females and has a gorgeous head peice & body!

"Mickey" BEFORE

"Mickey" AFTER

Who would have thought? Now Mickey is one VERY NICE female!!!


"Reni" AFTER

This ia a female that HAUS OF LAZIC Rottweilers had bred. A friend of mine PASSED on getting her--as we BOTH didnt care for her puppy pic. Of course we never follow our own advice! LOL well...she turned out pretty nice!






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If Rottweilers are what you are looking for we can help you! We offer Rottweiler Puppies For Sale as either an IMPORT Rottweiler Puppy or one that we have bred. We have Rottweiler Stud service to approved females of merit. If you are looking for a Rottweiler Youth for sale or a Rottweiler Adult for sale please email us direct!

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