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A lot of people wonder how we dabbled into the Shar-pei Breed. Here is our story for those who like to read and watch video! Enjoy!

We are proud to showcase our Chinese Shar-pei. Kyle & I(Krystal) originally got our first Shar-pei "Rosco" back in 2005. He is just a pet. No intention for showing. We always had a fondness for the breed but never thought we would be interested in showing them!




This is Rosco when he was about 4 years old.
He loves to run the yard!

This is Chloe & Rosco when Chloe was about 2 years old.
Cute huh?

This is "CHANCE" my dads Rottweiler that he got from a different breeder 7 years ago.

We realized right away that the cool temperament the Shar-pei carried fit in with our family right away! Rosco stole Kyle's heart almost immediately. He truly has an interest in the Shar-pei that almost exceeds the Rottweilers. I often say the Shar-pei are his and the Rotts are mine! Haha.
The love for Rosco and his breed, mixed with our passion for showing, led us on a search for a show quality Shar-pei.

In Early March of 2008 Kyle & I bought our FIRST show quality Shar-pei from a well known kennel in Russia. Chernyi Chizh Chinese Shar-Pei! We absolutely LOVE our girl! Her registered name is Chernyi Chizh A' It Takes Two. We call her "Zoey". Zoey was born January 1, 2008. Shortly after, we purchased a Black Sable Female named "Sasha" from Susan with Shenanigans Shar-pei. Sasha was a gorgeous female, a bit older, and we were hoping to show here here locally to break into the Shar-pei world. Sasha showed a few times here and we realized she might be better suited in a co-owned show home, so we sent her to NY to be shown.

Zoey as a puppy!

Zoey was purchased originally as a puppy for our daughter to show. Try buying a show quality female from a Serious Show home when you are upfront and honest and say your 3 1/2 year old will be showing the dog. HA!! We were pretty much laughed at. So when we found the beautiful pups at Chernyi Chizh Shar-pei we were totally excited to have a pup of such quality to start out with. Subsequently, Chloe's name was added to Zoey's AKC papers as a Co-Owner. I mean, after-all, it is HER dog!

We want to thank Yana & Tatyana at Chernyi Chizh Shar-pei for providing us with one of the most amazing Shar-pei to start showing with!!

Continuing on, Zoey started off at the fun match in Bloomington, IL. We had Chloe showing Sasha because Sasha was more trained, and I (Krystal) showed Zoey. She did great! Here is video of Chloe preparing to show for the first time. Her teacher is one of my best friends Tami Lane, with Sho-Me Dobermans.

Here are the videos of her actually showing Sasha at only 3 1/2 years old!

Amazing right? No one believes me until I show them the video.

We knew right away that Chloe had "Something" in the show world....maybe a future handler? She didnt stop there! Not too long after that fun match we found another, and Chloe showed Zoey in Belleville, IL all by herself! We think she did an amazing job!

This was only part of the beginning of Chloe & Zoey!

We took Chloe & Zoey to the IABCA show at Purina Farms in Missouri and let her take Zoey into the ring ALL BY HERSELF. She put a UCI International Title on her at 5 Years old(Litterally the weekend before her 5th birthday), and went on to show her again in the fall, getting all V-1 ratings on Zoey at 5 years old. Taylor Lane assisted us with taking Zoey into the Group ring and won 2 Group 1 wins with Zoey! Watch the video and check out the pictures below.

Chloe Showing in the UCI International Show in JUNIORS

Here are the FALL Videos:

Now that Zoey is more mature we have sent her out with our handler Julia Foster. She pointed out in 3 weekends and we are now looking for Majors to finish her. We are so proud to have Julia Foster as our professional handler! She is amazing!

This is Taylor Lane, she put the FIRST 2 points on Zoey back when Zoey was only 1 year old. She did an AWESOME job showing! You can find Taylor in the Junior Rings all over the Midwest!

We are looking for majors to finish Zoey and we plan to finish her soon! We have found another Pei from Chernyi Chizh to start showing when Zoey finishes.

We hope to go to the Shar-pei Nationals October of 2010! Can you say ROAD TRIP Julia? Haha! Very excited!

Late February 2010 Zoey was x-rayed for OFA Hips/Elbows & was checked for Patella Luxation. She passed ALL 3! Heart & Thyroid will be done soon to add to her health certs! We are waiting on OFA numbers now! She also had her Eyes checked and we will be sending that in for CERF # too!


Future for Zoey?
Hoping to produce our own Ballard's "Zoey baby" to show in the future, we have plans to breed Zoey to an amazing male with Elite Shar-pei. Because Shar-pei is not our main breed, and we are more experienced with the placing of Rottweiler Pups in good homes, we are going to lean on Sandy with Elite Shar-pei help us find the proper homes for the babies we decide not to keep. This breeding does not come lightly. We have put a lot of thought into it, like all our breedings in the Rottweiler world, HEALTH, CONFORMATION & TEMPERAMENT will be our main goal! With Sandy's help I believe we will be able to pick the perfect match for Zoey.

If you are wanting to keep up with our Shar-pei please check this page for updates.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

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